Length of Stay

How long can I stay at Startup Embassy?

Our mission is to provide the most supportive and inspiring environment for early stage startups in Silicon Valley.

To do that, we want to ensure that while you’re staying with us, you’re surrounded by founders who are serious about and dedicated to their startup and who can offer you help in your journey. This doesn’t mean working 24/7; we have fun together too and enjoy each other’s company. But there’s a sense of mission and urgency that all of us share.

To allow for that and to give everyone an equal chance, we set limits on how long we allow our guests to stay with us. Overall principle – the more progress your startup makes, the longer you may stay. The maximum stay is 6 months at a time.

In our experience, for founders who are dedicated and have the right skills, this provides them with enough time to get funding and to get established in Silicon Valley; or they will get lessons that will help them in the future.





(*) Including months spent in prevous levels

We know that some of you may may need to spend more than 6 months in Silicon Valley in the early stages of your startup. If you want to do it that, we’ll be happy to give you recommendations for long-term accomodations in the area.

How do you know what level you are at

When you apply the first time or want to extend your stay, you’ll be asked to provide evidence to demonstrate which stage your startup is at. SE Partners and a team of selected advisors will review your case to decide which of the stages you are in. Please understand that you’ll be responsible for applying for extensions with enough time in advance. We suggest you do it 3 weeks before the deadline.

Attending an accelerator

If you are attending a startup program / accelerator in the Valley (e.g. Y Combinator, 500 Startups), you can book a stay for the duration of the program.  After the program ends, depending on which stage you’re in, you can stay for the remaining time alloted to your stage. For example, if you attended a 3-month program and you finished it at level 3 (Growth), you can stay for another 3 months.

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