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What I enjoy at Startup Embassy is that everyday I expand our brand to, is one more opportunity to one of those enterpreneurs who want to make their dreams come true, living the experience of Silicon Valley.
Jordi Studied Advertising and International PR. Worked at some Digital Advertising Agencies (when there where non-digital agencies) and for some startups in Barcelona. Started a virtual wardrobe webpage in 2007 but failed before even launching. In 2011 founded, a very special iPad app and website to customize your iPad sleeve. With it, was selected for an Entrepreneurship program called Yuzz and won it in Barcelona, that took him for a week to Silicon Valley (’12) and visited many of the well-known tech companies. One year after that, was selected for the program and took him again to Silicon Valley, this time, for a month. It was a life-changing experience. Visited IDEO, Google, Apple, NASA, met Singularity University Alumnus and Staff, and many more things that you can only live in Silicon Valley. After the IMAGINE Creativity program, moved to Palo Alto and joined forces with Carlos de la Lama-Noriega to found Startup Embassy. An engineer with bold ideas and a Creative with feet on the ground, what a team! Starting the house was a cultural, mind-opening experience that showed him the potencial of willing individuals and how empowering the Silicon Valley ecosystem is. Also in Silicon Valley, he incorporated 1sleeve Inc. and got some investment from an HP executive. The startup took him to advertise in Macworld magazine, partner with manufacturers, find a good lawyer, and the whole startup process. It was the greatest business experience he could have asked for. The company finally closed being back in Barcelona in 2014 He’s now back in Barcelona as an early-employee for a very innovative food packaging Company called Pick D Pack.


House Manager 2015

CEO Sozialmas – Agency for online communication
Co founder at Blogger Espana
Co-founder of Botize – Automatism platform


House Manager 2014

What I enjoy the most at Startup Embassy is the positive mindset of the entrepreneurs. I love the experience of going to bed having learned some practical lessons. Every single day a mountain is being climbed!
An Industrial engineer in a process of ongoing improvement, Fernando is a lean management fan which likes startup movement giving support in the organization of many events during the year. He has worked as consultant looking for public fundraising with deep experience in Mexico-Spain programs. He has always liked startups because they can move fast and are constantly learning.
His startup, Kainve, is focused in financial training for university students through a learning by doing methodology “Investment Clubs made easy”. Currently he is giving his best at Startup Embassy to make entrepreneurs have an awesome experience when landing in Silicon Valley. He loves meeting new people, very conscious that if we want to go far, we have to go together.
He loves building communities and meeting new people. You will find him sharing coffee with our ambassadors, sometimes a beer, and cooking a huge paella for everyone in the backyard.


Brand Manager 2014

Startup Embassy is the perfect place to change your mindset and realize that there is nothing more powerful to be successful and achieve your dreams than open-minded positive attitude and hard work. Let’s change the world!
She loves communication, graphic design was her starting point but soon she saw that with the right approach and an understanding of how people see things there was much more to explore in communication with the knowledge of graphic.
Always immersed in different startups, from the smallest’s companies to simple startups becoming a multinational; which let her manage different brands launches in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and some other places in Europe and Africa.. keeping that grown start-up to keep maintaining and focusing the message as the start-up’s soul it always has to have.
She believes that a good communication is the beginning and the base of a good start.
Now also helps to get entrepreneurs around the world to know the opportunity Startup Embassy represents for them, by keeping the communication, as well as being aware of every piece of design and communication detail, giving the best to make the mission succeed and grow.


House Manager 2014


House Manager 2014


House Manager 2013

 I believe that we all still need to challenge many orthodoxies in order to achieve all the things we want, things that make us competitive and give us more happiness as a result. This explains my engineering-business background and the reason why I’ve been in Silicon Valley since I graduated from college. 


House Manager 2013

Startup Embassy is a life change experience where you meet lot of people that are creating something out of nothing. People how encourage you to follow your dreams and believe on creating your own way in life.


House Manager 2013


House Manager 2013


House Manager 2013

Life was boring when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits!
Mon was our first House Manager and unfortunately stayed with us a very short time, but it was enough to show how infectious her spirit and enthusiasm was!
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